SKAIFO™ - Skype Add-In For Outlook

What is SKAIFO?

SKAIFO - Skype inside OutlookSKAIFO is an Outlook Add-In that integrates Skype functionality with Microsoft Outlook. It has full-fledged User Interface inside Outlook so there is no need to switch back and forth between Outlook and Skype for your free calling needs.

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What you need to install and run SKAIFO:
- One of the combinations of WIndows and Microsoft Outlook as outlined below.
- Skype version 4.3 or higher installed and running on your computer.
- Skype Account
If you dont have Skype account yet create it on
Skype web site

What you need to place calls from SKAIFO to mobile and landline phones: Skype Credit
Log into your Skype account on Skype web site and buy Skype Credit from Skype. For example, users residing in United States can buy either $10.00 or $25.00 of credit, while the current rate is 2.3 cents per minute. Skype also offers variety of subscription plans. For example, Unlimited Calls with a Pay Monthly subscription starts from $1.09/month.



SKAIFO Smaple ScreenshotIn addition to calling and receiving phone calls SKAIFO includes the following features:

- Free Skype-to-Skype phone calls
- Inexpensive calls to phone devices
- Advanced/Scheduled Call Forwarding
- Call Recording and Playback
- Conference Calls
- Extensive Management of Skype contacts
- Skype contacts search
- Instant Messaging and SMS
- Extensive Configuration Options
- GeoMapping Skype and Outlook contacts
- GeoMapping arbitrary search results
- Annotating and maintaining call history
- See who is online without leaving Outlook
- Append additional information to contacts
- Make call directly from Outlook Contacts

Download 30-Day Free Full Version:
SKAIFO Free Trial Download
Your Free Version will continue to function beyond 30-days trial period with certain advanced features disabled.

Purchase SKAIFO before Dec 31 2011
($23.95 USD
) and receive BluetoothWorks application free of charge.
PayPal Purchase

SKAIFO Minimum System Requirements

OS-Outlook CompatibilitySKAIFO is compatible with the following combinations of Windows Platforms and Microsoft Office:


Please read SKAIFO Frequently Asked Questions. They include some valuable answers to setting your audio devices, managing your Skype contacts, advanced call forwaring and much more.


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